Bison 8000 6WD

Bison 8000 is a versatile mini forwarder that is very easy to drive. The machine is hydrostatic, which means that it has a drive pedal which regulates the speed. Releasing the pedal, the machine stops and stand still until you press the pedal again. The direction forward or back is selected easily with a button on the side of the chair.

With a Bison 8000, you will do a very effective job. You can sit back and drive the machine on a working RPM, release the pedal, load the log and press the pedal and you're off. This without having to drop down the machine at low RPM, put in neutral or pull the handbrake.

Bison 8000 is very smooth because the middle of the machine is located almost in between the front and rear wheels. This means that the rear of the machine runs almost in the same track as the front wheels.

Despite its narrow width of only 150 cm, the Bison 8000 is very stable. This is thanks to its low center of gravity. Bison 8000 has a high and low gear (7 and 3.5 km / h). The low and high gear come in 6-wheel drive. Transport gear is optional 14 km / h.


Standard equipment

     Full galvanized chassis
     Roof with grenavvisare and lightbar
     Front window
     18 kw Kubota diesel
     Fully hydraulic drive 6WD
     Variable high / low gear
     6WD on high and low gear
     Crane K330 3.3m
     Work Light with 4 LED headlights
     Extra hydraulic for example. dump-trucks
     Wheels front 400/16-15.5
     Rear wheels 26 * 12.00-12, 8 ply
     Fire extinguisher 6kg
     12 V outlet
     4 load banks whit 4 Poles


  •  Bison 8000 6WD

    Manufacturer: Kubota diesel 18 kw
    Max RPM: 2.800 rpm
    Transmission: hydrostatically
    In front: Hydraulic disc brakes
    In rear: Hydraulic
    Volt: 12v
    Battery: 45Ah
    Generator: 40A
    Lhitning: 4st 15W LED, optional 12st 15W LED

    Max speed:


    14 km/h

    7 km/h

    Max load: 2000kg
    Front wheels: 400/16-15.5"
    rear wheels: 26x12.00-12"
    fule tank: 13.5L
    Weight: 1390kg
    Dimensions LxWxH: 5.800x1.500x2.300
  • BK8000
  • Yes

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