Processor for trailer

After a series of tests of different concepts, Kranman is releasing the final version of the processor P25. It is a stand-thinning processor with well-proven solutions for the most effective thinning in terms of land damage, fuel consumption, personal workload and the final result.

The processor and the engine are in the same frame. This concept can be placed on the trailer / machine which has a timber frame that is not higher then 60 cm from the ground and is not wider then 150 cm. Completely own drive, which means that nothing needs to be connected to the machine that the processor is on.

The processor is powered by a processor Honda GX630 gasoline engine.

Unloading legs are optional and fit to Kranman's products (not the Bison 10000).

The processor runs behind the basic machine and the trees can not be lifted in by crane.



  • Information processor

    Stroke 1020 mm
    Max tree size 250 mm
    Operating Pressure Hydraulics 160+170 bar
    flow of oil 60+20 l/min
    saw bar 15 inch
    Weight Processor 425 kg
    Weight Complete with petrol engine  575 kg
    Press power delimbing  3,1 ton
    Diameter winch wire  6 mm
    Maxvtraction winch 1000 kg
    Average speed step feeder 0,75 m/sek
    Engine output petrol 15,5 kw
    Engine output diesel 18 kw
    Fule tabk 14 L
  • P25V
  • Yes

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