Processor with carrier

After a series of tests of different concepts, Kranman is releasing the final version of the processor P25. It is a stand-thinning processor with well-proven solutions for the most effective thinning in terms of land damage, fuel consumption, personal workload and not in the least a good final result.
Processor and articulated carrier with motor and drive on all eight wheels. This allows the processor to change position very easily without having to jump in and out of the machine. This will contribute to obtain a good flow in the work, as we have studied in our many tests.
The standard processor is powered by a Honda GX630 gasoline engine.





  • Information processor

    stroke 1020 mm
    Max tree size: 250 mm
    Operating Pressure Hydraulics 160+170 bar
    flow of oil 60+20 l/min
    Saw bar 15 inch
    Weight Processor 425 kg
    Weight carriers with processor 1070 kg
    Diameter winch wire 6 mm
    Press Power delimbing 3,1 ton
    Width 143 cm
    Length 410 cm
    Height 170 cm
    Working angle 300 degrees
    Maximum traction winch 1000 kg
    Average speed step feeder 0,75 cm/sek
    Engine output petrol 15,5 kw
    Engine output diesel 18 kw
    Fuel tank 14 L
  • P25B
  • Yes

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